Princeton University is New Jersey's top institute of higher learning and one of the two dozen or so best colleges on the planet, according to U.S. News & World Report's 2022 Best Global Universities rankings.

With a "global score" of 84.2 based on a set of 13 indicators, Princeton actually tied for the No. 16 spot with University College in London, and the University of Toronto.

The Mercer County school was one of seven New Jersey universities to crack the 2022 list. Going deeper into the rankings, Princeton placed Top 10 worldwide in mathematics (third), physics (eighth), and space science (eighth).

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A total of 2,005 schools made U.S. News' online database, but just 1,750 were ranked.

The other six ranked Garden State universities — Rutgers-New Brunswick, Rutgers-Newark, NJIT, Montclair State, Stevens, and Rowan — all also tied for their spots with universities elsewhere. No New Jersey schools were included in the unranked portion of the list.

Harvard University ranked first overall, with a global score of 100.0.

These are New Jersey's top seven universities, as judged in the context of the U.S. News report.

#1 — Princeton University (#16 globally, tie)

(Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

Highest subject ranking: Mathematics (3rd)

#2 — Rutgers University—New Brunswick (#130 globally, tie)

Gates at Rutgers University in New Brunswick
Gates at Rutgers University in New Brunswick (Rutgers University)

Highest subject ranking: Food science and technology (23rd)

#3 — Rutgers University—Newark (#600 globally, tie)

Norman Samuels Plaza at Rutgers-Newark
Norman Samuels Plaza at Rutgers-Newark (Rutgers-Newark)

Highest subject ranking: Chemistry (247th)

#4 — New Jersey Institute of Technology (#813 globally, tie)

NJIT campus in Newark
NJIT campus in Newark (NJIT)

Highest subject ranking: Electrical and electronic engineering (91st)

#5 — Montclair State University (#1,167 globally, tie)

Montclair State University
Campus of Montclair State University (Montclair State University)

Montclair State ranked sixth in a U.S. News indicator called "normalized citation impact," which is defined as "total number of citations per paper represent(ing) the overall impact of the research of the university."

#6 — Stevens Institute of Technology (#1,202 globally, tie)

Stevens Institute of Technology
Stevens Institute of Technology

Highest subject ranking: Electrical and electronic engineering (304th)

#7 — Rowan University (#1,607 globally, tie)

Highest subject ranking: Clinical medicine (994th)

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