If you're headed back to school at Rowan University this year, get prepared to witness some pretty epic rides if you're headed back to school prior to the start of Labor Day Weekend.

The 17th annual Glassboro Car Show takes over the main part of town on Friday, September 2nd. It's actually referred to now as the Glassboro Car Show and Food Truck Festival. Usually, over 300 cars are in attendance. You can expect to see everything from classic cars to modern hot rods at this thing. Being a Rowan alumnus myself, I can attest to the fact that this particular show is pretty cool.

NJ.com reported that the festival will be complete with some live music this year and is expected to run from 5 p.m. through nine o'clock.

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Now, a few words for the wise. If you're a Rowan student and you've never attended the festival before, just know that the entire strip of Rowan Boulevard will probably be blocked off. It usually is beginning right near Main Street. NJ.com does corroborate this, but my point in mentioning it is for you to keep in mind of all the other detours you're going to have to take to get back to certain dorms.

Since it won't be just Rowan students in attendance, don't forget to take into consideration all the traffic that will most likely build up around University Boulevard and the surrounding streets with people trying to park and walk up to the festival. For non-Rowan students planning on attending, make sure you take note of which side streets you're actually allowed to park on. The police will NOT be doing anyone any favors that night, so watch out for the "No Parking" signs if you don't want to be issued a ticket.

Everything we know about the Glassboro Cars and Food Truck festival can be found HERE.

Source: NJ.com

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