Former Sex and the City actress, Cynthia Nixon, has officially announced that she will be running for New York governor -- you go girl!

But of course, I only see Miranda Hobbs speaking about important issues so it got me thinking -- which character from Sex and the City would be the best governor for New Jersey?

Well, let's break it down:


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Honestly, Miranda is definitely a pretty good choice so it is kind of a shame that her alter ego, Cynthia Nixon, is running for New York governor. She is used to working in a profession that is dominated by men but knows how to stand up for herself and get things done.


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Never, ever, never! I am sorry but she has unrealistic expectations and operates completely with emotions which can be a very sticky characteristic to have when dealing with politics. She is much better suited for the art gallery world.


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Honestly, she is my top choice. She can separate work and emotion, does not get easily attached, and has proven through the many seasons of Sex and the City that when she puts her mind to accomplishing a job, she normally does so. Even when she had cancer, I would not have considered her down and out for the count.


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I am half and half on this choice. She is good at writing and thinking about situations from other people's point of view but gets too easily distracted. It is why writers are such good writers. But being involved with politics involves laser vision focus which unfortunately Carrie lacks.

So what do you think?

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