WHAT...A...MESS!  I'm talking about having to be away from the show for 7 days, not being able to take care of my family, and feeling horrendous all in addition to my greasy hair (shown above) while fighting COVID.  This selfie was from my bed where I was quarantined...I tried my best to stay away from my husband and kids...they were negative and I wanted to keep it that way. Full disclosure...I had COVID BAD and it was all my fault.

I keep hearing from people who recently got COVID that Omicron is a quicker and lighter version of the OG but I have to tell you, I was walloped.  I'm double vaxed and boosted but I had all the symptoms, and at one point, even wondered if it would escalate to hospital-level.

It is different for everyone, but I experienced a fever, a strong burning nasal cavity, a wicked headache (on the top of my head), a concerning cough, wheezing, crazy fatigue, shortness of breath and the worst part for me, inner ear pain.  I even lost taste and smell for a part of that time. Is it possible to get a weird cocktail mix of both COVIDs?!?!

Shannon Holly's COVID test
Shannon Holly's COVID test

My doctor put me on an asthma inhaler and nasal spray to keep airways open and yes, I slept on my stomach to keep the lungs uncompressed and I did my breathing exercises.  I guess I'm just so confused how this even happened because I have no underlying heath conditions and after getting both vaccines and my booster as well as sanitizing everything under the sun, I thought, "I'm good right?".

I don't know what would have happened if I was not protected from the vaccine and booster because even with them all, it was the worst I've felt in years, or maybe ever.  The thing is, it was all my fault. Yes, I took precautions, but after I got vaxed and boosted I had a chip on my shoulder. I believed I was totally protected and I stopped wearing my mask in stores etc. In fact, when I saw someone wearing a mask I assumed they decided not to get the vaccine which is in no way is accurate.  Listen, I can't stand mask-wearing but even with the antibodies I got as a parting gift from Uncle COVID, I promise you I'll go back to wearing my mask everywhere.  I learned from this experience.

If you haven't had it, YOU DON'T WANT IT. If you get vaxed and boosted learn from my ignorance, you are still not immune from getting this.

I'm back and ready to take on 2022 and I hope you and your family are safe and healthy and stay that way!

Side note, there is a list of things you do not want to wipe down with certain cleaning wipes.  I learned this the hard way.

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