You've probably heard me talk about how Atlantic Oral Surgery Center treats the whole patient (mind and mouth) and develops a pain elimination plan best suited for their needs. They can tackle issues such as dental implants, "teeth in an hour," wisdom teeth, TMJ disorders, cleft lip and palate, and impacted canines.

I recently had a chance to sit down with Dr. Justin Ponquinette and learn more about his approach:

Word is getting out about the exceptional level of expertise and the unique things you guys are doing at your office, so much so that people are traveling from outside our area to visit you.

Dr. Ponquinette: I've had patients from all over — New York, Pennsylvania, and as far south as Georgia and Texas.

What do you think it is about your office and what you provide that has made people travel so far to get care?

Dr. Ponquinette: I have embraced homeopathy and its counterpart in the dental world, biologic dentistry. Most of the homeopathic agents are not going to have the side effects that you're used to hearing about with prescription medication, because the body is still able to work in balance. Homeopathy is about embracing that aspect of healing and allowing the body to do more of what it's designed to do.

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You also are the only office in the nation that offers patients choices for pain management.

Dr. Ponquinette: Pain meds serve their purpose, and I'm not averse to prescribing them when indicated. But research has shown that when you properly prepare the body for trauma through proper supplementation, you can assuage recovery from a traumatic event to the body like surgery. Vitamin D, magnesium, and zinc have been shown to really help the body in recovery.

Overall, Dr. Ponquinette knows that the health of your mouth can affect not only your self-confidence and how you present yourself to the world, but it can affect your health, too. So if failing teeth are holding back you or someone you love, visit or call 732-747-0993.

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