Last weekend I walked into a very popular Jersey Shore diner and was sickened by what I found at my booth.

It was this.

Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media
Matt Ryan, Townsquare Media

I know, I'm being a little overdramatic.

You know how sometimes major brands get creative with marketing? At first, I thought that this was some new slogan. Nope. This is a brand of ketchup. "I Taste Great." Props to this company for using the shape of a Heinz bottle and the exact look of one too. However, this is unacceptable.

When one is looking to scarf down diner fries or a fresh omelet, there's only one kind of ketchup that belongs on the table, and that is Heinz. I realize that diners and restaurants must go through ridiculous amounts of ketchup and that this alternative is likely much cheaper to purchase in bulk. But it's just not the same.

I'm not going to name the diner that I found this in because they are one of the best at the Shore and have never had a bad experience. It all comes down to what one of my Facebook friends said when I posted this pic. "There's only one way to spell ketchup - H-E-I-N-Z!"

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