Brick resident Tori Barden was heading to work on Wednesday morning at around 7 a.m. when she encountered what she told the Brick Patch "road rage to the max."

It all happened at the intersection of Herbertsbille and Squankum-Allenwood Roads. It's not the easiest intersection (maybe it should've made our list of Monmouth's worst intersections.) Tori had her phone recording when a man got out of his car and went ballistic, accusing her of cutting him off.

WARNING: Video contains explicit language.

Tori told The Patch that she pulled out and was almost hit by this man's vehicle. She claims she tried to continue on to her destination, but this man followed her and tried to pass her. Tori claims he was angry and yelling.

Once the two vehicles got to the intersection of Heberstville and Lakewood-Farmingdale, Tori alleges this man was pushing her car with his at the red light. That's when the altercation above began.

Barden got the man's license plate number and filed a complaint with The Howell Police Department.

Just think, these crazy people are driving around us all the time!

[source: Brick Patch]

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