The Daily Meal scoured America for the "Greatest Old-School" pizzerias. I'm happy to say they included at Jersey Shore institution.

Here are the criteria that The Daily Meal used.

In order to be considered a great old-school pizzeria, however, the pizza itself needs to be just one part of the overall experience. A classic old-school pizzeria (like any great hole-in-the-wall) has a comfortable, lived-in feel, whether it’s been around for decades or not. Maybe it’s a narrow storefront with a long counter, fresh pies on display in clear cases, and only a few tables (or even just a ledge) to enjoy your slice at. Maybe it’s a classic bar serving legendary pies alongside cheap pints. Maybe it’s just a simple, no-frills dining room with some framed photos lining the walls. Time seems to stand still at these joints, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Congratulations to Vic's in Bradley Beach for making the list!

Here's what The Daily Meal had to say about Vic's:

Serving classic Jersey-style pizza to beachgoers and locals alike since 1947, Vic’shas a warm and inviting vibe, and its exterior and neon signs would feel right at home in old Hollywood. Inside, among Vic’s green Naugahyde booths, wood-paneled bar and walls, and vintage light fixtures, time seems to stand still, and you half expect Frank Sinatra to walk in. The bubbling thin-crust pizzas haven’t changed in decades, either.

I couldn't agree more! Check out this menu from the 60s that I found on Instagram - so cool!

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