So last year, I came across a headline that really got me thinking.

It has become trending once again since the Halloween season is upon us so I really want to get your opinion.

Down in Georgia, an officer posted signs in the front yards of registered sex offenders that read:

"Do Not Trick-or-Treat at this Address. A Community Safety Message from Butts County Sheriff Gary Long."

These signs also include stop signs and other visuals that should make it pretty clear to trick-or-treaters and their parents to skip ahead to the next house.

Sheriff Gary Long did say that he received a few complaints saying that these signs are "an embarrassment," but according to the officer, he is doing his job by making sure every single child gets through Halloween safely.

The sheriff did explain his train of thought in a Facebook Post where he does admit that it is unlikely for a sexual assault to occur when parents usually accompany their kids. However, if it happened on his watch, he would be beside himself.

Do you think these signs are over the line?

On one hand, I do understand the concern. These people have been convicted of inconceivable acts and we have every right to protect those around us.

Not to mention, the reason people are being told to skip over houses is not mentioned on the sign.

On the other hand, these offenders have served their time and are just looking to move on with their lives. These signs could be conceived as a cruel way to shove their past mistakes in their face.

So now I ask you: is this act a step over the line?

An uncomfortable but necessary discussion is to be had here. Let me know your thoughts.

Take a look at the original article from last year HERE.

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