The pandemic has taken its toll on area movie theaters.

It was announced Tuesday that both ShowRoom Cinemas in Asbury Park and Bradley Beach would be closing for good after first shutting down March 16.

ShowRoom has been a landmark in Monmouth County since the first location opened in Asbury Park in 2009.

Governor Murphy did give movie theaters the ok to operate at 25% capacity but according to a release from co-founder Michael Sodano:

With 25 percent capacity and 100 percent expenses, the numbers just didn’t make any sense. Simply keeping the doors closed cost a lot of money, but opening them at a quarter capacity would only lose more money faster.

Not to mention the fact that ShowRoom, like many other Jersey Shore businesses, are still trying to make up for the six months that they were shut down.

Co-founder Nancy Sabino said it's becoming clear that the effects of the pandemic will linger well into next year. ShowRoom is completely behind theaters continuing to show movies, but unfortunately, as a smaller operation that focuses on independent films that don't necessarily appeal to the mainstream audience they would need to keep the doors open, they can't afford to stay open any longer.

In the news release, ShowRoom wanted to thank their loyal staff and the audiences that allowed them to project onto the big screen for 11 years.

I don't think movie theaters will ever be the same. COVID forced distributors to make movies available for streaming at home immediately. There's nothing like watching a flick on at the theater, but I fear that by the time the coronavirus is until control and life is back to "normal," people will be content to curl up on the couch and watch a new release at home.

[source: Asbury Park Sun]

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