Some good news for teachers, parents and guardians and and a warning of caution for student drivers trying to get into the parking lot at Toms River High School East like it's the last lap of the your speed, the limits will be lower.

The Toms River Township Council introduced an ordinance last night to reduce the speed limit on Raider Way and Dunedin Street from 35-mph to 25-mph for the entire length of the road, according to a copy of the ordinance provided to WOBM News by Toms River Public Information and Records Manager, Stacy Proebstle.

Officially on the ordinance, the council is seeking to Amend and Supplement Section 477-79, Schedule-XXI: Speed Limits of Chapter 477 (Vehicles and Traffic) of the Township Code to reduce the speed limits on the aforementioned roads.

It was just the first reading of the ordinance so that means nothing is official just yet, you'll have to wait for the next council meeting for a second reading and final vote by the Council, according to the Patch, who states the new speed limits could take effect on October 1, 2018.

As anyone who has either worked, played, gone to school or lived along Raider Way and Dunedin can tell you, these side streets can get dangerous with young and adult drivers keeping their foot on the accelerator for way too long to get their speeds up, in a students case to beat the bell and not find themselves in detention.

Safety first and always first.

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