Each day as we go through life, we're hit with millions of messages.  Whether we see signs in windows of stores, billboards along the highway, or television commercials as we watch our favorite shows, we are getting hit with messages non-stop.

We've been so conditioned to receive these messages, that they wind up occupying a good portion of our brain.  Go to a restaurant, and what do you typically say, "I'll have a Coke."  When you sneeze, what do you ask for, "Can you pass a Kleenex?"

There are other's as well.  Few people use "Encyclopedia Britannica" anymore.  When you want to do research, you "Google it."

Many of these messages are direct and tell us why we want to use their product.  They pound their messages into our brains so that we subconsciously think of their brand first.

What you may not realize, is that in addition to delivering a direct message to you, a lot of times, those messages are snuck into your mind with less than obvious messages.  Don't believe me?  What do you think of when I say, "Golden Arches?"

I know, that was obvious, but do you know there are many companies that embed secret messages to your brain right in their logo?  You've probably seen these logos millions of times, but unless you look very closely, or someone points it out, you've probably never realized they existed.

Here's a challenge for you.  I've compiled some very common logos that will look very familiar to you.  Each contains a hidden message for your mind.  How many of them can you find?

Commonly Seen Logos in NJ with Hidden Messages

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