Six Flags Great Adventure kicks off their 2020 season on the weekend of April 4th and boy oh boy do they have a lot in store.

They already give a home to over 75 species from six different continents throughout the park and now five new species are coming to their Wild Walkway and Camp Aventura on the Safari Off Road Adventure.

Five new species coming to Six Flags this upcoming Summer means that there is A LOT to learn.

So to start, take a look at the video below so you have an idea of what is to come!

Let's dive in and take a closer look at Six Flags' newest additions!

1. Cheetahs

Names: Bear and Bo 

Bo 1

These large cats are covered with nearly 2,000 solid, black spots and are native to Africa and parts of Iran. They are also the fastest land animal known to man. They can run up to 75 miles per hour during short, powerful sprints. WOW!

2. Great Horned Owl

Name: Luna 

Luna 1

This species is also given the nickname, "Tiger Owl" because they are known as extremely aggressive predators. They are powerful and protective parents and the females are larger than the males.

3. American Kestral

Name: Tyrion 

Tyrion 1

This species is actually the littlest falcon in North America. But don't be fooled because they are still a very fierce predator with a very distinctive hunting behavior. They hover before they dive for their prey and they are one of the most colorful raptors!

4. Patagonian Cavy

Name: Amelia 

Amelia 3

This is a large, rabbit-like rodent in the guinea pig family. They can run as fast as 45 miles per hour ad can bounce on all fours. (SO wish I could do that) They are, however, herbivores and when they find a mate, they mate for life and raise their young communally. This species is considered "near threatened" because of hunting and habitat loss in South America.

5. Ferrets

Names: Johnny and David 

David & Johnny

Ferrets are extremely curious, active and playful mammals that are known for stealing small items. They have long, slender bodies and males usually have much larger bodies than females.

Take pictures, learn all that you can and make this the best Summer at Six Flags Great Adventure yet.

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