As a kid, I remember the magical feeling of being nudged by my mom in the morning with those three amazing words after a killer snow storm: "Schools are closed."

She said those were some of the best smiles she ever saw.

But with the onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools have had to flip their curriculums upside down to accommodate virtual learning.

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And what does virtual learning mean? That snow days may no longer be a thing anymore.

So my question for you: Do you think kids should still be given snow days even though virtual learning is set up and ready to use?

I see both sides of this argument.


You are only a kid once. Now is the time for them to be able to shut the laptop and go outside to run around in the snow with friends. (socially distanced of course)

Before you know it, kids won't be kids anymore and the idea of snow days won't exactly be possible. Will missing a few days of school here and there really make or break their future? Let the kids play and BE KIDS!


The idea of "let kids be kids" is usually my motto but their education has been flipped upside down in 2020 because of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A lot of kids are not doing their work or submitting their assignments because holding kids accountable in a virtual set up is a bit more difficult. But this just means that they are not learning and ultimately falling behind.

Letting kids take snow days in the middle of a set up that already may result in students falling behind could be a risky decision.

So....what do you think? Should kids in New Jersey be given snow days even with virtual learning available?

Let us know what you think by also leaving a comment!

Should snow days live on?

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