Get your fill of snow tubing in before the weather warms up!

I'm not a fan of the snow, and even I have to admit this looks pretty cool.  I was browsing TikTok when I found a video from @njdigest of a snow tubing experience in Mahwah!  Unsure what snow tubing is?  It's when you glide across the snow in a giant pool tube.  Think of it as a frozen water park.

The place featured in the TikTok video is Campgaw Mountain in Mahwah, NJ.  It's about an hour and a half drive from Ocean County.  If you're looking for a great day trip idea with your family this definitely seems like it!

You don't need any athletic experience to snow tube (and thank goodness).  It's not like skiing or snowboarding where you have to balance and turn.  All you do is hop in the tube, and slide.  But if you want to try your hand at skiing and snowboarding, Campgaw Mountain does offer lessons.

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If you want to snow tube at Campgaw Mountain, you'll need to purchase tickets.  They do warn that tickets are limited and sell out quickly.  With the weather warming up soon, you may want to jump on it fast!

It doesn't look like there are any age restrictions to snow tube at Campgaw Mountain, however, they do say riders must be at least 42 inches tall.

Check out all the fun for yourself in the video below.

@njdigest Winter adventures in NJ 🌨 created by: @christineelliza #snowtubing #newjerseycheck #mahwahnj #jerseywinter #njtiktok #winterfun ♬ original sound - shokanvisuals

Campgaw Mountain is located at 200 Campgaw Road in Mahwah.  Will you be heading snow tubing before the winter ends?

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