Stacy Wiener of Monmouth County has generously donated bags of beautifully knitted sacks holding bars of soap for families in need. Here's more about what she does and why.

(Photo courtesy of Stacy Wiener)
(Photo courtesy of Stacy Wiener)

Stacy is the founder of S.A.C.K.  which stands for Supporting A Community with Kindness. This is a local, nonprofit organization formed by Stacy when she realized there is a general lack of essential toiletries available to those in need.

S.A.C.K. volunteers from around the United States knit and crochet sacks and then donate them (complete with a full-size bar of soap in each one) to homeless shelters, food pantries, relief efforts, veterans clinics and social service agencies.

Since Stacy founded S.A.C.K. in 2018, over 65,000 soap sacks have been donated globally! The response has been overwhelmingly positive especially since people cannot use food stamps to purchase toiletries.

Stacy says her mission, and that of her non-profit, is to extend kindness one sack at a time.

What a great way for people to come together and do some good in this world. Knitting clubs from throughout our country are taking part, which brings so many friends together over some needles and yarn! Patterns are shared, as well as photos of the design, on S.A.C.K.'s Facebook page.

For more info on supporting this organization, whether you want to knit/crochet, want to donate bars of soap, make a monetary donation, or perhaps help in another way (or know someone in need of a soap sack!), CLICK HERE.

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