A cover letter and resume aren't the only things an employer looks at when you're applying for a job. An increasing number of hiring managers are examining applicants' social media profiles, according to a new survey, and it's ruining many people's chances at landing the position they want.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

In the survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 43 percent of respondents who used social media in the hiring process said they found something online that prevented them from hiring someone.

"The role of social media is only growing," said Neil Cooper, owner of Career Coach NJ. "(Employers) are looking in a negative way and a positive way."

While bosses can be turned off by photo after photo of clubbing and drinking alcohol, they could become even more interested in a candidate if they find pleasant conversations with friends or evidence of past accomplishments.

"It's important to show yourself in a very positive light," Cooper added. "Make sure there are no typos...that all of your photos are appropriate."

A simple solution, for many, would be to erase your online presence altogether. However, Cooper said that isn't the best route. Bosses want to know you're "hip" to what's going on in the 21st century.

Before posting anything online, ask yourself - if this ended up on the front page of the newspaper, would I be comfortable or embarrassed with it?