After hearing so many people talk about how much fun they had trying to escape the room, I needed to experience this for myself.

I recently booked my spot at Solve It Sherlock Escape Rooms at the Asbury Circle and took a friend along for the experience. Our escape began with a brief introduction from Cat Farrar, owner and escape enthusiast, who played a short video preparing us for the experience. Even the video was entertaining. We met another couple and were escorted to the “Pirates of the Golden Skull” room. 60 minutes are on the clock as we solved a variety of clues to get to the hidden treasure. Sound easy? Think again!

My advice is to pay attention to everything, focus, and work as a team. Each one of us had different strengths as we decoded ciphers, unlocked the locks and talked through our strategy, so we wouldn’t have to “walk the plank.” At certain points when we were stuck, we reached a consensus and said the magic words, “clue please” as we raised our hands and the game-master would provide a valuable clue to get us one step closer to the escape.

In case you’re wondering, we did use ALL of our clue options. With 20 seconds remaining on the clock, the treasure chest unlocked and we successfully avoided being “thrown overboard into the briny deep.” This is clever interactive entertainment for your next date night, girl’s night out, birthday party, corporate team building event or any other social activity.

CLICK HERE to book your escape experience. Make sure you share it with us and challenge your friends. I am looking forward to going back for the Secret of the Tomb when it opens. I’ll keep you posted.

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