No one has to tell us how great Asbury Park is, but it is nice when someone tells everyone else just how great it is, and that is exactly what happened in 2021. Asbury Park received some pretty impressive honors this year, so as  wrap up summer 2021 let's take a minute to celebrate the 2021 Asbury Park honors.

(Photo: Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media NJ)
(Photo: Vin Ebenau, Townsquare Media NJ)

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Sit back and soak these accolades in for our beloved Asbury Park...

Newsweek...The folks at Newsweek chose Asbury Park as one of the Most Popular Beach Towns In America back in April, right up there with Maui and Oahu. And it's not just the beach and boardwalk Newsweek loves. It's also the art and music scene. couple of years back they called Asbury Park the 2nd BEST beach in the in the world. Yes, the world. Matt Ryan reported on it , and this is a huge honor for the good folks in Asbury Park. When you think about the beaches Asbury Park beat for this one, it'll make your head spin. Read more at Money.

Travelmag...The  folks at Travelmag named Asbury Park one of the 30 Most Charming Beach towns in America, and of course, we couldn't agree more! They list the Stone Pony, The NJ Film Festival and Asbury Lanes among the highlights.

Budget Travel...We all remember when Budget Travel named Asbury Park the Coolest Small Town back in 2017, and we all know it still is! And now the whole world knows, too.

We know this is the tip of the iceberg for Asbury Park, but it's nice to sit back for a minute and enjoy some of the amazing accomplishments that have already happened.

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