We have some weird driving habits and laws in New Jersey, but some laws in other countries make driving in New Jersey seem kind of normal.

So the home of the traffic circle and the jughandle does not boast some of the most unusual driving laws in the world? Not really. Check out some of these international driving laws, according to Business Insider...

Driving shirtless. If men drive shirtless in Thailand, they risk a fine of about $16, and we're guessing weird marks from seat belts.

Arm out the window. If you're driving in Australia and you stick your arm out of the window for any purpose other than signaling it can cost you $237.

Drinking water. It is illegal to eat or drink anything, including water while driving in Cyprus. Fine...$95 bucks.

It's also illegal to have a dirty car in Russia, and in Japan is against the law to splash a pedestrian by driving through a puddle.

So, next time you're about to complain about driving in New Jersey, take a sip of water, hang your arm out the window, take your shirt off and count your blessings.

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