Check your lottery tickets... you may have just won $630,569!

In Monday's Jersey Cash 5 drawing, one extremely lucky person won the jackpot after several drawings with no winner.

The winning ticket was sold at a 7-Eleven in Seaside Heights.

The lucky numbers: 3,4,16, 23, and 33 and the XTRA number was 3.

Although this might not be the $20 million or so that you would need to build that mansion on the beach, it's still a nice chunk of change even after taxes.

So what would you do with that kind of money if you won?

Top 5 answers from our survey:

1. Pay off debt/mortgage, invest for retirement/ renovate home/new furnishings tied with BUY A HOUSE

2. Take a vacation (Even though some mentioned they hesitate to travel, others said they are willing to go to a near-empty airport and to a state where there is plenty of space to social distance that wasn't hit as hard as NJ and where life has returned to a more 'normal' way.)

3. Pay off their child's student loan debt/give their kids money for their future

4. Splurge: Buy a new car, boat, wardrobe, and dine out at fancy restaurants

5. Help a relative or close friend or buy nice gifts for family and friends

Tell us what YOU would do with your winnings!

For more details about the lottery winning ticket CLICK HERE.

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