I'm going to ask you a silly question. Could you use some extra money?  I know the answer to that is a huge hell yeah.  There is a lot of winning going on in Jersey lately.

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Speaking of winners, a Powerball ticket just sold in Point Pleasant and the prize is a cool 50K!  Did you happen to shop at Stop N Go located at 2500 Bridge Ave in Point Pleasant?  If you did the winner could be YOU!

According to The Patch, the winning numbers from the drawing on April 23, 2022 were:  10, 39, 47, 49, and 56. The Red Power Ball number was 08. The Power Play was 3X.

I say you check your lottery ticket and manifest a big win there then turn on the 94.3 The Point Jersey Shore Morning Show tomorrow morning for your chance to win up to 10K more!  I think green is your color Jersey!

Want to talk long money? These New Jersey celebrities are rocking some real net worth!

29 New Jersey Born Celebrities And Their Net Worth

Who knew American Idol paid THIS big?  Whoa mama.




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