As the weather becomes colder, many families in South Jersey struggle to find food and warmth to survive the chills of winter, but the non-profit organization 'Haven/Beat The Streets' hopes to help those in need in their 2nd Annual Winter Relief Event on November 17. 

Haven/Beat The Streets Coat Giveaway. (Courtesy of Paul Hulse, Haven/Beat The Streets).
Haven/Beat The Streets Coat Giveaway. (Courtesy of Paul Hulse, Haven/Beat The Streets).

"Last year there were 325 people that were fed at the event," said Director of Outreach, Paul Hulse who explains the attendees included children, families, and singles.

In addition to the meals provides, more than 200 coats and pre-made bags filled with socks, hand warmers and gift cards were given out as well.

Hulse is asking the communities help in again providing donations to help those in need around our community.

"This actually benefits people, not just as a point of giving them a coat, socks, and hand warmers but actually getting the community involved, to be hands and feet, and plugging people into the services to get them their lives back on track," said Hulse.

Hats, scarves and coats are all winter essentials many of us are fortunate to have, but as things do get colder many families become increasingly in need of those such things but can't afford them.

"Haven/Beat The Streets will be holding their Second Annual Winter Relief for anyone that's in need," said Hulse.

They're collecting coats, gloves, and other winter essentials to hand out to those in need at Sister Jean's Kitchen in Atlantic City next week, and they hope that the event will mirror the success of last year's.

"We provided roughly 200 coats to people that were in need and in homeless situations," said Hulse. "We also gave away hand warmers, various gift cards, and our volunteers provided 325 meals at Sister Jean's Kitchen."

Hulse explains they're not looking for a specific type of coat or a set amount, but welcome in any donation of these winter essentials.

"You just never know what's going to come in," said Hulse. "I feel that reaching out to the community is very important for them to get involved in. It's not just giving away coats, and hats and hand warmers, and gift cards but we put people in emergency temporary shelter."

Hulse adds that, "we also help people get off the streets and try to work with them to get them the services available throughout...Ocean and Atlantic Counties."

In Ocean County, Hulse says members of the community can drop off donations to the Assembly of God Church at 800 Bay Avenue in Toms River between 10 am and 3 pm Monday through Friday.

In Atlantic County, Hulse says members of the community can drop off donations to Ida Alice's Thrift Store located on 45 North New York Road (Route 9) in Smithville, Monday through Saturday between 10 am and 6 pm.

You can also donate and learn more about the organization by visiting their website here, or visit them on Facebook, and Hulse explains they are looking for coats of all sizes, socks, hand warmers, and cash donations for gift cards.

Hulse explains they accept donations year round so that anyone in need of essentials will be served as well.

"If someone comes in after the 17th and says 'hey we need a coat or we're in need' you can come in and we'll try and help you the best way we can," said Hulse.


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