Last week we shared the viral video of Brick Township mom Su Shtab flipping out after finding a spider in her kitchen.

Some had concerns that we shouldn't have posted the video because it constituted bullying -- a claim I take VERY seriously -- so we went right to the source for a response.

I'm not a big fan of tossing the word 'bullying' around because it IS such a serious issue, and I really never even thought for a second that posting the video could be thought of as mean-spirited or bullying.

This is especially true because Su's daughter Megan sent the video to us to share, with Su's permission. The humor in the video is not in Su's fear, but in her over-the-top reaction.

Regardless, I wanted to make sure we hadn't hurt Su's feelings, or made her feel bad in anyway, so I got Su on the phone last week for a quick follow-up.

Her basic response? "Nope, I don't feel bullied at all."

You can listen to the full interview here:

It seems like Su is really just enjoying the attention of it all, saying, "I'm the one laughing, because I'm the one being noticed."

She does address negativity, saying, "I think...people are just miserable, and...that's how people react. It's sad to see that people...have nothing better to do than make negative comments."

However, that seems to have more to do with the people actually commenting on her video, saying they think it's fake or making some other mean comment -- neither of which I did in my original post. (Seriously, my reactions to bugs aren't much better than Su's, and I really do feel her pain! I know how ridiculous I look when I freak out about a bug, and I also think being able to laugh at yourself is a fabulous quality!)

Hope that helps clear some things up!

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