Check out this really cool service called Love Letters!

Love Letters is an online career and dating profile writing service that was launched this summer by Jersey Shore author and producer Mike Farragher.

The dating profiles are actually something he's been doing off and on for years...just for fun! Mike says,

 “When people find out that you’ve written some funny books and scripts, they sometimes ask you to punch up their dating profile. I’d scribble some ideas on the back of a bar napkin, and we’d be off to the races. I’ve found the secret to a good dating profile is to keep it light and funny; you make someone laugh in the first sentence and they’re more inclined to click because the chemistry is there. I can put good bait on the hook and then the rest is up to the couple to figure out where to swim next!”

Love Letters is the name he chose for this new business because, as it turns out, he's not 'just' writing dating profiles. You see, when Mike sends you a list of questions to answer so that he can get to know you before he writes your dating profile, you'll find yourself answering some very personal questions that will lead you to do some soul searching about what it is you're seeking in a mate.

And with questions like "What would your best friend say are your best qualities?" you'll find that by the time you have answered these questions, you've reminded yourself of the wonderful person you are. As if, in writing to Mike about yourself, you've written your own love yourself! This is a great confidence-builder as you put yourself out there in the hopes of meeting someone as special as you are.

Love Letters Profiles Logo courtesy of Mike Farragher
Love Letters Profiles Logo courtesy of Mike Farragher

Love Letters offers online dating profile writing services starting at $150. Once the 10-question survey is complete, a profile will be drafted before finalization during a live personal consultation with you (FaceTime, Zoom, etc.).

Love Letters also does resume and career profile rebooting services start at $200, which draws from Mike’s decades of experience as a hiring VP at a Fortune 100 company. Mike says,

“The days of wading through a stack of resumes on a desk is over, especially in this tight job market. Companies are relying on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to weed through candidates, so it is all about injecting the right keywords to get your application noticed by this electronic scanning process and then telling a good story once an actual human being takes a look at it.”

Mike has found that many of us are emerging from our ‘quarantine cocoon’ unsettled; some are facing job losses after many years of being with the same company while others are re-thinking a previous decision to live their lives alone and without romance.

And he says that his profile writing has become less about putting together something that will catch someone’s eye and more about empowering you to go after the life you love. With the right profile in your arsenal, you can go out into the world to find the love or career of your dreams that you didn’t think was possible but that you actually deserve. That’s why Mike finds this type of writing highly rewarding work.

For more info on Love Letters: Profiles With Style CLICK HERE.

Love Letters is also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where you'll see some of the wonderful couples who found each other thanks to Mike's profiles...some of whom have even ended up getting married!

Stay tuned to see the dating profile that Mike is writing for me! We'll reveal it on our morning show tomorrow (10/14/20) at 7:40 am!

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