I am usually one who is totally against rushing the Summer season but I do know there are a lot of pumpkin-spice obsessed individuals out there and who am I to stop true love.

Thanks to 92.7 WOBM's Diana Tyler -- my girlllllll -- we now know when you will be able to sip one of your favorite beverages of the Fall season.

It has been confirmed: Starbucks will be bringing back their Pumpkin Spice Lattes in 2020. 

But there is a catch...

We don't exactly know when.

But Ms. Tyler is dedicated to her PSL and has done some digging to give us a better idea.

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A friend of Diana's mentioned that she saw a countdown outside of her local Starbucks that on July 31st, there are 25 days left until the wait for PSL is over! That means the release is scheduled for August 25th.

Jeannie Waters photo
Jeannie Waters photo

But according to an article on Delish, the drink is expected to return on August 27th.

There seems to be some discrepancy on the specific day it will return but at least we have a ballpark.

Whether Starbucks is trying to keep us on our toes or they don't know yet either, some solid information would be nice.

Just think PUMPKIN.

Thanks Di for this killer tip. 

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