There's only one thing better than a cup of joe. A cup of joe that you don't have to get out of your car for!

We're all busy people that are constantly on the run. That's why when we catchword that Starbucks is opening a brand new shop with a drive-thru, we get pretty excited.

Toms River Shorebeat is reporting that the coffee giant has gotten the green light to build a new store on the corner of Hooper and Oak in Toms River, right across from the Ocean County Mall.

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It will take the place of the vacant Bank of America building that has been empty for a long time.

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Township Planner David Roberts confirmed with Shorebeat that the new Starbucks will be 2,430 square-feet and will include a glorious drive-thru.

Most importantly, they are going to reconfigure the traffic flow on the property. The former Bank of America used to be my bank, and it was a nightmare to navigate. You had to drive around the entire building just to get to the ATM. It was so messed up, that cars would often end up in the opposite lane. Good times!

As it sits now, the only way to get to where the new Starbucks is going to be is off of Oak Avenue. It sounds like they are going to make some adjustments so we can get our 'Bucks on from Hooper Avenue as well. If that's the case, that will make life a lot easier.

However, the Hooper/Oak intersection is already a busy one. While the new Starbucks is fantastic news, it will absolutely make Hooper and Oak a lot busier.

There's no word on when construction will begin or an estimated grand opening. Watch this space.

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