Can we do one little thing?  Can we stop giving COVID varients superhero names like "Stealth Omicron"?  It is like we are speaking its power into the universe. Why not give it a sweet puppy name like Cuddles to take the edge off?

All kidding aside, I know we are all over COVID.  Omicron was a bit dismissed and while we didn't have the fallout with that variant that we did with the original, I have to say that I personally came down with it and it was brutal. I got it in January, and I still have ear pain in my right ear that I have to see a specialist for.

The next variant is called BA.2 and while it is not supposed to be worse on the body than other COVID variations, it is easier to contract (about 30% easier).

Over half of the people in New Jersey who have COVID have this version.  Even though this is easier to get, we are not expected to mandate masks again in NJ.

The best way to protect yourself according to experts is to get vaccinated and boosted.  Just to keep you updated, we are averaging about 1,000 new COVID cases per day in New Jersey alone.  It depends who you ask if this is a big deal or not. What do you think?

There are less than 400 people in the hospital for COVID as of last week.

Of course we are all still using wipes out the whazoo but there are some places you don't want to use them.

Don't Use Disinfecting Wipes On These Items



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