Julia Roberts new movie Mirror, Mirror hit theaters this weekend. My wife wanted to see it, and it does look cute, but when I hear 'Julia Roberts', my 'chick flick radar' kicks in. We never made it, but a lot of people did. Mirror, Mirror pulled in $19 million, good for third place. Wrath of the Titans was second with $34.2 million and nothing came close to The Hunger Games which grabbed another $61.1 million.

Hopefully we can get to Mega Movies Stadium 13 in East Brunswick to catch a movie this coming weekend. Maybe it'll be Mirror, Mirror for us or maybe it'll be American Reunion which debuts this Friday. The cast of American Pie travels to their class reunion to reminisce about their teen years.

Get all the details on D Box Motion Seating, stadium seating, and all the great things going on at Mega Movies Stadium 13 at the East Brunswick Square Mall, in East Brunswick by checking out gomegamovies.com.

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