Dating is hard enough - and this gross behavior just makes it even more difficult.

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Whatever happened to basic respect and human decency?

This weekend, I was getting ready to go watch the game at a bar with my friend, and while I was waiting for an Uber, something gross happened. A man rolled down his window and made a kissy noise at me (one of those nasty wet-sounding ones - vomit).

I wish this was the first time something like this has happened, but sadly, it isn't. It's a regular occurrence, and sometimes the things I'm told are so gross, I can't even type them here. And I know this is something everyone has experienced.

So catcallers - on behalf of all women (and men too) who have been disrespected by your crude words and actions, I am begging you to stop.

What's your thought process behind this? Do you really think yelling inappropriate things at people who are just trying to live their lives is going to make them fall in love with you?

A lot of people will argue that we don't know how to take a compliment. But, it's not about that at all. Most people love getting complimented and feeling flattered! We want to be approached with basic respect.

When you catcall someone, when you whistle at them or make comments about their bodies without their permission, you're reducing that person to an object. And that does not feel good at all. It doesn't make us want to date you or get to know you.

So, if you reading this are someone who has catcalled someone before, please think twice before doing it next time. Think "does this behavior reflect who I am as a person?" Because chances are, it does not.

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