Hey last-minute shoppers! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are a matter of hours away! If you find that you still need to get those cans of cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, marshmallows, drinks for your relatives, or whatever it is you absolutely need for your holiday festivities, not all is lost! There are some stores in New Jersey that will have open hours for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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Before you get your hopes up, just know most of these stores will be closed on Christmas Day. Just to play it safe before you head out, call ahead and double-check to see if they're opened or closed!

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  • Aldi - Christmas Eve, limited hours until 7pm. Christmas Day: CLOSED
  • BJ's Wholesale Club- Christmas Eve, regular hours. Christmas Day, CLOSED
  • Costco - Christmas Eve, limited hours at select stores. Christmas Day, CLOSED
  • CVS - Some stores will remain open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, some with limited hours. Call ahead.
  • Lidl - Christmas Eve - open until 7pm. Christmas Day, CLOSED
  • Rite Aid - Christmas Eve, most locations open. Christmas Day, select stores open with limited hours. Call ahead.
  • Sam's Club - Christmas Eve, open until 6pm. Christmas Day, CLOSED
  • Stop & Shop - Christmas Eve, open until 6pm. Christmas Day, CLOSED
  • Target - Christmas Eve, most locations open until 8pm. Christmas Day, CLOSED
  • Trader Joes' - Christmas Eve, open until 6pm. Christmas Day, CLOSED
  • Walgreens - Christmas Eve, regular hours open. Christmas Day, most stores open 9am-6pm. All 24 hr locations will remain OPEN
  • Walmart - Christmas Eve, open 6am-6pm. Christmas Day, CLOSED
  • Wawa - Most locations will remain OPEN 24 hours, both days.
  • Wegman's - Christmas Eve, open until 6pm. Christmas Day, CLOSED
  • Whole Foods - Christmas Eve, hours vary by location. Christmas Day, CLOSED


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