On June 16th, I blogged about Young Jean Lee’s Broadway debut, Straight White Men, currently in previews at The Hayes Theatre. I recently attended the July 5th preview performance and encourage you to check out this show.

As you enter the theatre, you’re immediately immersed into an environment of loud, explicit female rap music, which you might find intrusive and offensive. There’s a purpose to the auditory discomfort. I encourage you to appreciate Young Jean Lee’s artistic expression and enjoy the preshow experience. You will soon be greeted by Asbury Park native, Kate Bornstein (Person in Charge 1) and Ty Defoe (Person in Charge 2). Together, they deliver a comical yet thought-provoking message about non-binary gender identity, concluding with Kate’s words, “don’t be mean.” Armie Hammer (Drew) and Josh Charles (Jake) are met with a round of applause as they take their positions on stage and you instantly connect with the playfulness of these two brothers. When you’re introduced to the third brother, Matt, played by Paul Schneider and the Dad, you feel as if you’re part of the family. Denis Arndt is cast as Ed, (the father), but for this particular performance the role was played by Stephen Payne.

Even though the brotherly antics will keep you laughing, there are poignant moments where you witness their love and compassion for one another. You can expect a comical twist to the classic board game, Monopoly cleverly renamed Privilege as part of their Christmas ritual, which also includes Chinese take-out and matching pajamas. You’ll enjoy the brothers’ reenactments and humorous stories of some of their favorite childhood memories and detour to discussions exploring capitalism versus social justice. You’re in for 90 minutes of quality entertainment with no intermission to break the continuity. Don’t Risk missing out on this Taboo production, which is only running for 10 weeks. You’ll be Sorry if you miss it. So get a Clue and Click https://2st.com/ for ticket information and details. See the show and you’ll get the board-game references.

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