If you want to take a summer road trip, there are 40 better choices than New Jersey, according to a recent study.

New Jersey ranked 41st among all states in the USA for summer road trips, according to wallethub.com. The website used criteria like traffic conditions, weather, attractions, gas prices and lodging costs to rank the states.

Our best category, surprisingly enough, was "Traffic and Safety Conditions". For a state with a reputation for brutal traffic, our ranking of 15 among all states was our highest showing.

On the other hand, we ranked second to last in the "Fun and Scenic Attractions" category, which I can't figure out. I feel like the Jersey Shore alone should put us much higher on the list, but apparently it didn't. The only state ranked worse in that category was South Dakota.

It seems to me that the high cost of certain things like lodging hurt our ranking. But 41st? Really? I think we should have done much better. I guess we'll just add this to the list of lists that we feel that way about.

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