As we get older, it becomes more complicated to shop for Christmas gifts. We buy what we want throughout the year so what do we actually NEED during the holidays?

I’m all about gift cards. I’ll accept any kind I get, but many people aren't too accepting of them because it's not as personal.

Rob Laughter via Unsplash
Rob Laughter via Unsplash

Now that I have a son, shopping for Christmas gifts is fun again but I know that won’t last long once he starts understanding the concept and tells me (or Santa) what he actually wants.

This is the first year I was actually interested in what the hottest and most popular toys/gifts were for the holidays.

The great thing about shopping these days is you can place an order online and everything gets delivered to your home.

My parents always tell us how lucky we are for that.

Back in the day, my mom used to send my dad out really early on Black Friday to stand in line for hours at Toys R Us just to get the latest Power Ranger toys so that Santa can take all of the credit on Christmas morning.

No one has time for that now. conducted a study that shows what the most popular Christmas gift is this year in New Jersey.

It’s not my first guess since it’s not a new toy, but the Nintendo Switch is the most in demand for 2022.

Erik Mclean via Unsplash
Erik Mclean via Unsplash

Nintendo is very nostalgic, especially for millennials and the company has figured out a way to still keep that old-school feel but make it more modern.

So it makes sense why the Nintendo Switch is still that one gift that many people will see under the tree this year.

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