According to a report in the American Journal Of Preventive Medicine, as reported by, commuting more than 10 miles was associated with high blood pressure. Those who travel 15 miles or more had a higher likelihood of obesity.

Anyone who has ever driven during rush hour in New Jersey probably didn't need the study to know a 10 mile commute would affect your blood pressure. Many people who live near the shore know that your blood pressure could rise just trying to get out of your driveway sometimes.

New Jersey driving seems to be built for stress. Think about it. The jughandle forces you to turn right to make a left (and many times makes you wait twice at the same light) and the traffic circle literally forces you to ...well... drive in circles. Stressed yet?

Mere phrases make us cringe. How about "Parkway North in the morning" or "Parkway South on Friday" or "Route 9 Manalapan" or "Route 18 construction" . You get the idea.

The study also basically says that if you commute 15 miles or more, you are less likely to get the proper amount of exercise, and therefore have a greater Body Mass Index and waist circumference".  Yep, "greater waist circumference". That's what the study says. Am I the only one that feels like this study has actually insulted me?

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