It's hard to believe that students have to study for tests already...feels like summer JUST ended. But if your child is already stressing about studying, here are some tips.

-- Take a break. Even if you have scheduled a specific block of time for your child to study, you (and your child) have to know when to quit. So if your child has been reading the same sentence over and over again, STOP! It's not helping. But it IS making your child cranky.

-- Post-its. If your child is trying to memorize short facts, try writing them on post-it notes and placing them all around your house.

-- Find the best time. Maybe you want your child to study right after school. Or maybe your child does his or her homework and studying after dinner. But if it's not working...then try another time. Experiment until you figure out the best time of day for your child to study, and then work around that time. Some children may even be morning people, so it might be best for them to wake up after a good night's sleep and study in the morning before school!

(College Candy)