It's a seemingly innocent question that garnered some passionate responses.

It's May in New Jersey, which means the weather can be anything from a beautiful spring day to a sweltering summer day, or wind and rain.  If we're lucky enough, sometimes we can experience all three in a day!

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This past week alone the weather has been yo-yo-ing from rain and wind to warmer temps.  We can't keep up.

Since it's that magical time of year, I thought it would be interesting to find out when New Jersey switches from the heat to air conditioning.   And boy did I get some interesting responses.

I looked to both the 92.7 WOBM Facebook Page, as well as the Jersey Shore Lovers Facebook group, which is a source of really great local happenings.

A lot of people found humor in the question, either laughing at it or simply responded  "when it gets warm."

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But there were also some really interesting gems of information.

Many people don't mind switching back and forth between heat and air as many times as they need to and say the outside temperature determines the situation.

Others have a specific time they switch over.  A few commenters said they like to make the switch at the end of May, some in June, and one person said as late as July!

My favorite comment: "May 29th at 7 pm. No sooner, no later."  Another great response was "as soon as I sweat putting on makeup!"

One thing for sure: we all can't for that warm Jersey AC weather!

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