The weather may not be all that warm just yet but people are itching to be in the Summer mindset.

So since we are all waiting on the edge of our seats, let's make sure we are all prepared for when the time actually does come -- if it ever does.

1. Bathing Suits/ Cover Ups

Listen, bathing suits get worn out and everyone deserves to get a fresh, new one every year to feel pretty while at the beach! Get the newest style and treat yo self!

2. Beach Gear

I'm talking beach bags, towels, flip flops, sunglasses, sand toys, and beach games because I am pretty sure I lose at least one of these by the end of every summer.

3. Beach Badges

We put together a list of the 2018 Beach Badge prices at the Jersey Shore so buy the passes now because there are a lot of presale specials! Surfs up!

4. Physical Fitness

This is something that you MUST start now if you want any chance of seeing results by summer time. Just stay committed and you will feel 10X better.

5. Sun Screen

This is a very key ingredient to having a fun but happy summer in the sun. If not, you could end up burned, red, and alone in the shade.

6. Gardening Supplies

If you love to garden, get all of your needed supplies including gloves, dirt, and seeds now before prices sky rocket. You'll thank me later and your yard will look that much more beautiful.

7. Book Your Beach House

Looking to sneak away for the weekend? Well now is the time to book because you know as well as I do that all of the good spots will be booked come Memorial Day or double in price.

8. Containers

A lot of people forget this until they are on the beach parched as ever. But bring containers for cold refreshments that will KEEP the liquid cold.

Did I miss anything? Comment Below!

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