Tailgating, slow driving, being in the wrong lane, and more - here's what you wish Bennys would stop doing when they drive at the Jersey Shore.

Memorial Day Weekend is just a few weeks away (woohoo), which means the Jersey Shore is going to get a lot more crowded by out-of-town visitors, aka Bennys (Bayonne, Elizabeth, Newark, New York - thanks NJ.com). And listen, while we do appreciate them visiting and showing our local businesses some love (especially after the year we've all had), we don't appreciate their rather...bad driving.

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On our 92.7 WOBM Facebook Page, I asked you what your Benny Driving Pet Peeves are, and you gave some pretty great results.

What do Bennys do while driving that grind your gears? Tell us below, and you could see your response in a blog!

Posted by 92.7 WOBM on Monday, May 3, 2021

These are some of the best ones:

  • "Being in the left lane when they have to exit to the right." Dawn (Barnegat)
  • "Not securing their beach chairs in their trucks and have them come flying out on the bridge." (Tammy, no town listed)
  • "I actually saw a guy watching a movie in his car (yes, he was driving and alone in the car!)" (Bernadette, no town listed)
  • "Their automobiles must not come with directional blinkers. LOL." (Victoria, Bayville)
  • "Driving too close." (Elsie, Long Branch)
  • "Constantly making a left across Rt. 37 instead of using the jughandle (especially by the Holiday Inn)" (Sue, no town listed)
  • "Lefts!!! We have jughandles for a reason." (Melissa, no town listed)

These are all valid pet peeves, so why don't we make a positive out of this? Bennys - if you're reading this, you can use this as a guide for how to drive here at the Jersey Shore! Think of them as helpful tips from us.

Most importantly, let's all remember to drive safely and have fun this summer, right!


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