Here are some helpful hints from those of us who live here.

Summer at the Jersey Shore is on and popping!  The days are longer and warmer, and our favorite seasonal businesses have opened their doors.  It's truly the best time of the year.

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With all of the above comes the inevitable swarm of tourists flocking to our neighborhood.  You may know them as BENNYs, or Shoobies.  And listen, we appreciate the money and business they bring!  Everyone knows the economy needs it right now.

But that being said, there are some things we wish that tourists would bring with them while visiting the Jersey Shore.

You know how you're on your best behavior when visiting a friend's home or how you always show appreciation for the host by bringing them a gift.  Think of it like that.

It's hard having our wonderful shore town all to ourselves nine months out of the year and then having to share it with so many other people during the best season!  Cut us some slack.

I figured we could all help one another out in this situation.  Fellow Jersey Shore locals told me some helpful must-haves for tourists who visit here.

And remember, when you're checking them out, this is all in good fun.  Part of what makes the Jersey Shore a great place to live in are the people who visit here and make it that way.

But here are some things we really wish tourists would bring with them on their shore trips!

5 Things Jersey Shore Locals wish BENNYs Would Bring with Them

Here are some helpful hints.

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