Just in case you don't have enough dilemmas in your life, I came across another one that I think is worth figuring out for all of us. It's about supermarket etiquette, and one uncomfortable situation in particular.

It's a sensitive spot for me because it just happened top me a few days ago. I'm on line at Stop & Shop in Point Pleasant and I have like 15 items in my cart. I look behind me  and a nice lady is holding a bag of oranges and a gallon of milk.

You know where this is going right? I decide to be a good guy and tell her to go ahead. Why make her wait through my stuff when she only has a few things? Some people say i got there first, I should go first. But I can't live wit that sort of thing, so ahead of me she went.

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It was all well and good until the person behind her had 3 items. i looked at her and just sheepishly nodded. She said thank you as she walked by me, but I have to admit, i started to feel like the idiot who held the door for the person behind him and nobody grabbed it so 20 people go by like he's the doorman.

Finally, the guy behind that (3 items in case you're wondering) said to me 'you better go or you'll be here all night'.

So I come to you. What is the proper etiquette. I want to be a good guy, but I don't have all day. What would you have done? What should I have done? Are there rules on these things? Or at least recommended practices?

Please help.

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