According to a new survey by the Daily Mail, men think think women fuss too much over the holidays, and they think they could do a better job of managing the situation. Well there's a shock...a man thinks he can do the job better than a woman??

The survey results show that "A quarter of them would happily ditch turkey for a different lunch, half wouldn’t bother sending Christmas cards and 40 per cent would cancel visits to the in-laws."

So...basically, Christmas would be like any other day, requiring minimal effort or preparation.

Women stress so much over the holidays because we want them to be special...because they ARE special. The traditions are so much of what make the holidays! Spending time with family --yes, even that annoying uncle, nosy mother-in-law, rude cousin--, dining on a special meal, and exchanging gifts/cards/well wishes of some kind...these are all essential parts of the holiday.

We do these things to show people that we care about them. We spend countless hours and far too much money to make things perfect so that our loved ones are happy.

Burgers and fries on Christmas?? I don't THINK so.

I'd rather spend hours in the kitchen with my grandfather making pizzelles, and peeling struffoli dough off my fingers with Mama C than pick up an ice cream cake for Christmas dessert.

Maybe we are foolish to spend countless hours straightening our hair, getting our nails done, and everything else we do to look and feel our best...but I don't think there's anything wrong with going the extra mile to make something (and someone) feel special.
Do you think women fuss over the holidays too much?

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