What Does a 'Blizzard Warning' Mean?
Meteorologist Dan Zarrow has tweaked his forecast for Tuesday's storm, and is now predicting less snow and more mixing for the immediate coast, but these areas are still under a blizzard warning.
Some listeners asked why the blizzard warning if some areas won't see that much snow, and there…
My Stay at 600 Main in Toms River
When I heard two feet of snow could be coming our way, I packed my stuff, and had every intention of sleeping at the radio station last night (hoping I could snag a couch instead of a piece of floor.)
But when the Powers That Be here at Townsquare Media told a few of us they had scored some rooms at …
What Are Your Snow Plans?
I always do my grocery shopping on Sunday's just part of my routine now.
Yesterday, I decided to do that shopping a little earlier in the day, since I knew this storm was coming, and figured everything would be wiped out by my normal shopping time. I was not prepared.