I don't know about you, but it seems like inclement weather gives me an immediate excuse to snack...

And by snack, I mean eat non-stop.

When I thought I might be at the station for a couple days, I packed food like I would never see the outside world again...

snow day food
Missing are the other yogurt, peanut butter sandwich that I already ate, Lean Cuisine meal, and 8 k-cups I brought! (Laurie Cataldo)

Maybe it's the Italian in me, or the foodie...but God forbid I not have enough to eat at all times!

In addition to the food I brought with me, my bosses got soda, water, and a tray of sandwiches (Thanks Wolfies!) for everyone who was working.

And when the storm turned out to be a bust? No matter.

I enjoyed a lovely breakfast of quiche and salad...and then a fresh baked scone...possibly some of those Girl Scout cookies in the photo...and I might have had a piece of chocolate...and maybe just a bite of carrot cake......and I'll certainly be eating my lunch soon...

'Laurie!' you say. 'Surely you'll be burning extra calories shoveling this little bit of snow, or cleaning off your car!'

LOL. My car is barely covered, and our parking lot was plowed...Duzzy's on shovel duty at home.

Nope, I'm using this 'slightly-off-my-routine' day to be a true gavone!

And I'm totally good with it. A little comfort food never hurt anybody, right? Just don't tell my belt!

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