James Cameron

James Cameron Says ‘Avatar 2’ Has Been Delayed Until 2017
Not long ago, we wondered aloud why James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ had been largely forgotten about only five years later, despite being the biggest movie of all-time. It doesn’t even seem like there is a lot of anticipation for ‘Avatar 2’, which Cameron is developing concurrently with Parts 3 & 4. Well, people will suddenly have a little more time to start getting excited for an ‘Avatar 2’, because Cameron announced today that the upcoming sequel has been pushed back a full year, to December 2017.
My Titanic Question: “Could Rose Have Saved Jack?” May Finally Be Answered
When Titanic first came out, I immediately questioned why, if Rose loved Jack so much, she couldn't just move over a little and let Jack live instead of allowing him to slip to the bottom of the ocean. I brought up the controversy again when they recently released Titanic 3D, and if you think I'm alone in this theory you're wrong. Titanic director James Cameron now wants to field the question! Rea