Neptune City

The Jersey Shore's Best Grandma Margherita Pizza
I am a nosey local radio personality always looking for things to write and talk about. I might have had my eyes closed, It might have looked like I was sleeping in my beach chair, but I was eavesdropping on every conversation around me. Luckily, my phenomenal eavesdropping abilities helped me find the Jersey Shore's BEST grandma margarita pizza.
Micro Wrestling Federation Takes Over Neptune City In A BIG Way
I spend my Thursday nights playing in a volleyball league at The Headliner. My team has been playing well as of late so we were disappointed when we got word that our weekly match was canceled. At first, no one knew why the game was canceled, the weather forecast was perfect and the league scheduling is always prompt. Seriously, what could have been the reason why our drunken volleyball match was canceled?
Is There A New Seafood Bar & Boil Opening In Neptune?
With that, I was recently driving into Asbury Park and I finally realized the Clancy's Tavern shamrock was no longer on the front of the building. Instead, it was a logo of a blue crab and where it used to say "Clancy's Tavern", it now says, "Sea Crab - Seafood Bar & Boil". I immediately pulled into the parking lot, took some pictures, and did some research. Here's what I know...

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