OceanFirst Foundation

There is No Place Like Home
Three years after Sandy, there are STILL neighbors of yours who haven't been able to afford to rebuild, lift, or otherwise fix up their homes enough to move back in. These families continue to struggle to keep their kids in their 'home' school district (which they may now have to pay to do), and som…
OceanFirst Challenge Begins
More than 60 charities are participating in the OceanFirst Charity Challenge which starts at noon today (Thursday, April 16th) at 12:00 noon ET with more than $30,000 in grants and prizes up for grabs.
Help for Blue Star Moms
Our friends at the OceanFirst Foundation joined us on the morning show today and the it was another great example of the wonderful work they are doing
Still Time To Donate
The OceanFirst Charity Challenge has already raised over $150,000 for local charities and there is still time for you to participate!