We are extremely proud of our relationship with OceanFirst Bank and the ability to pass along the latest on the amazing work that the OceanFirst Foundation does for our community.

The OceanFirst Foundation awards grants to organizations that meet needs for our community. According to their website, the Foundation has helped hundreds of local charities and schools which "have received more than $24 million in grants to enrich lives in areas such as Housing, Youth Development and Education, Health and Wellness, and the Arts".

We have the pleasure of having Katherine Durante, the Executive Director of the OceanFirst Foundation join us on the morning show on a regular basis to keep us all updated on the latest way the Foundation is helping our community.

This morning Kathy talked about a new initiative called "The OceanFirst Charity Challenge". It's a chance for local charities to raise money in a new way and get national exposure. Click here for all the details.

Get all the details on The OceanFirst Foundation, please visit their website.


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