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Pork Roll- Eating Championship Ready To Return This September
Competitive eating is remarkable. We all might think it's a little gross that someone can shove 85 meatballs into their mouth but we have to give credit where credit is due. Men and women from all over the world continue to break outrageous eating records. For example, in 2018 Carmen Cincotti a…
Here Is The Jersey Shore's Most Underrated Pork Roll Sandwich
Let me make it clear before all hell breaks loose, at the Jersey Shore we call it Pork Roll, not Taylor Ham. I say, Pork Roll, my sisters say, Pork Roll, my parents say, Pork Roll. Everyone I know says, Pork Roll, besides my goofball North Jersey buddy who takes pride in saying, Taylor Ham. He'…
Pork Roll Restaurant Opening in Red Bank
When you think about it. The fact that the Jersey Shore doesn't have an all pork roll restaurant is puzzling. Hold on to your rolls because it's going to be all pork roll all the time in Red Bank very soon.