Is there any concept that has yet to be filmed for Youtube? At this stage in the game, I'd say probably not. So, it's not surprising to hear that there have been plenty of people who've put New Jersey and our beloved cuisine to the test.

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Random foods New Jersey people love

Let's face facts: New Jersey residents swear up and down that you can't find better food anywhere else in the country. For certain dishes, I'd have to say that's true.

There's one Youtube Channel that put NJ's beloved pork roll, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich up for critique. The best part about the video? They're Irish.

Yep, the whole channel is full of content of these two random Irish people trying all kinds of American food, commenting on American culture, and just telling it like it is. It's an honest review of all things USA.

Most popular snacks in NJ

First up in their NJ-based review video, they tried disco fries. They weren't exactly huge fans of that dish. As a matter of fact, the one said they should only be eaten if you're drunk. Isn't that when you normally eat disco fries, though? They nailed that one.

After trying a few more dishes, they FINALLY got to the star of the show, the food OF the hour: the pork roll, egg, and cheese.

Before you ask, yes, they did call it Taylor Ham. Since they're from outside of the US, though, we can forgive them this time.

So, what'd they think? Spoiler alert: They're OBSESSED. The Irish people love it just as much as we do.


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